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You may contact Ann-Margret Gidley (Elizabeth's daughter) at AnnMargretGidley@gmail.com for any outstanding business matters.


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Natural and Comfortable wigs !!!

Medical wigs with scalp looking tops are comfortable for chemotherapy, alopecia, or any hair-loss client because the fibers are  hand-woven into the semi-translucent base so that the whole area looks like scalp.  People would never know your wearing a wig because they look so real.  The handmade base is breathable; the easy air-flow keeps your head cool and comfortable.  Medical wigs  are light-weight with open fabrication and ultra-thin wefts for extra comfort.  Both toppers and medical wigs have subtle highlights and rooted tone and tone hues to enhance each style;perfect for chemotherapy and alopecia hair-loss.  Hair that is simply beautiful !!!!

 Elizabeth  provides professional fittings and styling, along with custom designing and refurbishing any of your old wigs too.   Elizabeth is Specializing in alopecia and chemotherapy, and all hair-loss issues; providing synthetic and human hair wigs and hairpieces that are available for immediate purchase at reasonable prices. With over 500 wigs in stock there must be one for you!!!

 TIP !!

Most insurance plans will cover up to 80% of a medical wig, with a doctor's prescription.  Medical wigs are called " cranial prosthetics".

Do not file an insurance claim for a wig!!  Always call it a " cranial prosthetics".  A medical wig term should be no reason to be turned down  along with a doctor's prescription.  Your doctor will give you a prescription for a cranial prosthetics".  


Medical wigs and toppers were designed specifically for women who have experienced hair-loss, alopecia, or chemotherapy, or a sensitive scalp.   All my wigs and toppers look natural and are comfortable and can be purchased today for a reasonable price.

   I offer refurbishing/ restyling  for all synthetics or human hair wigs and hairpieces.  Women's issues are very important to me.


Custom Designing-cleaning-cutting-wig styling, medical wigs, cranial prosthetics & fashion hairpieces, including any competitors.

Wig styling fees start $35  up.  

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Must See To Believe !!
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Medical  wigs and toppers  are comfortable for chemotherapy, alopecia, or any hair loss because each fiber is carefully hand-woven into the semi-translucent base so that the whole area looks like  scalp. The medical  wigs look so real people won't notice your wearing a wig.  The base is  breathable , the easy air-flow keeps your head cool and comfortable.  The medical wigs can be parted in any direction. The latest wigs and toppers are  feather-weight, light density, open fabrication with ultra-thin wefts for extra comfort.  Toppers and medical wigs have subtle highlights and tone on tone hues to enhance each style; perfect for chemotherapy and alopecia hair-loss.

I provide professional fittings and styling. with custom designs, and refurbishing.   Specializing in alopecia, and chemotherapy, and all hair-loss issues,  providing  synthetic and  human hair wigs and hairpieces that  are available for immediate purchase at reasonable prices.   

  Insurance plans will cover up to 80% 0f a medical wig, with a doctor's prescription.  Medical wigs are called " cranial prosthetics". 


 Never file an insurance claim for a WIG!!  Always call it a "CRANIAL  PROSTHETICS".  This medical wigs term should be no reason to be turned down along with a doctor's prescription.  Invoices for the hair replacement must accompany your doctor's prescription.  You doctor should give you a prescription for a "cranial prosthetics". 

Medical wigs with skin toppers were  designed specifically for women who have experienced hair loss, alopecia or chemotherapy .  Reasonable  wigs and hairpieces that look natural and comfortable are available today.

Fitting and styling wigs is a specialty.    I offer refurbishing for all synthetics or human hair wigs and hairpieces at an affordable price. Women's issues are very important to me.

Custom Designing-cleaning -cutting -wig styling, medical wigs, cranial prosthetics, & fashion hairpieces, including any Competitors.
Wig Styling fees from $35 and up. 

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Wigs & Things By Elizabeth
Wigs And Hairpieces


I'm Here For YOU-your STYLE  -featuring numerous  wigs-hairpieces in stock to try on and same day buy. 

Elizabeth is owner & master artistic designer. This wig is  a mid-length, sandy blonde highlighted color "BOB" style.


1. 25+ years stylist & beauty advisor
2. Management cosmetologist-Ohio license
3. Instructor-Ohio license
4. Image & Makeup consultant
5. 25+ years wig design & hair styling
6. Lakeland Community College-Associate Degree business management/marketing
7. Franklin University-Bachelor of Science Degree-Business Administration/Social Science
8. Continuing Education Courses-
9. Medical courses at Lakeland Community College
10. Look Good Feel Better -American Cancer Society

Elizabeth continually updates her skills as technology
evolves. The advances in technology have changed the way a women can look,and feel by building self-confidence and empowerment.
Elizabeth's Natural Designs move beautifully and have great depth of color,long, short, straight or curly.

From delicate highlights to dramatic contemporary
coloring, Elizabeth's Natural Designs only provides beautiful, quality wigs and hairpieces . With the confidence you get,no one will ever guess it's not your own hair. Elizabeth will provide you with all the education and information you need to successfully enjoy your Natural Look.

Free Consultation with purchase it's important you feel confident and secure when creating your style and image.  $ 30 non-purchase fee ( credit back with purchase )


Wigs & Things By Elizabeth
Wigs For Every Budget


This picture  shows a "Pixie-Like" soft wave, that styles on/off the face-Fine Textured and Capless with Front Lace.

Having been in the image and beauty business for over twenty-five years has given me lots of experience working with people. My wigs and hairpieces are comfortable, attractive, much easier to care for! Gone forever are the wigs you (or your mother) wore years ago. Today's fashion demand better engineering to attract ALL age groups.


EDUCATION AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY:  What kind of wigs are available?

1.) Machine Made
Machine made caps are  where the hair is  attached to a weft by a sewing machine. These wigs are the least expensive because they can be mass produced.

2.) Combination Hand and Machine Made
Hair is hand sewn onto the crown, which is usually a fine mesh net, monofilament fabric or polyurethane material. This type of wig is less expensive than the hand tied wig but offers many of the same features.

3.) Hand Made
Hand made wigs look natural because the hair is hand sewn in and the natural skin color can show through the cap. These wigs can be customized but are more expensive because they are labor intensive.

EDUCATION AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY:  What are the differences between
synthetic and human hair wigs?

1.) Human Hair

 Human hair wigs can be styled, cut, permed and colored just like real hair. Human hair wigs  can be styled by using curling irons and blow dryers. However, it requires more care and do not retain the style given to it after being washed.

2.) Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs these days are more natural looking than ever before. They come pre-styled and require very little care. Styling synthetic wigs using a  blow dryer or curling iron is not necessary and will result in permanent damage.  You can not use any form of dry heat but they can be steamed to change the curl formation. 

There are three basic principles regarding wig care. First, do not use too much shampoo. Wigs do not need to be washed more than once every 30 days. Second, use high quality professional shampoo  specially designed for synthetic hair wigs. Finally, when you store your wig use a wire wig stand, which allows air to circulate through the wig and helps the wig retain its style.


Cleveland Clinic hairloss

american cancer society



some wigs feature a quality construction in a lighter cap with double lace instead of mono for maxiumum comfort and breath-ability. 


With 30% human hair and 70 % Fiber Blend offers the best of both worlds in hair fashions. The resilient "Memory Curl" of fiber and the soft, natural appearance of Human Hair create some of the most beautiful curls and waves found in today's wig styles. Several wigs styles include a natural scalp transparent section , which is light weight and allows body heat to pass right through the silk top, offering a cooler degree of comfort. If you have very thin hair, or no hair, the transparent silk natural scalp look allows your own scalp to show through the base, making it unbelievably natural and comfortable.

EDUCATION:  A Silk natural scalp top Allow The Wearer To Part The Hair Anywhere!



  MOBILE In-Home Wig Consulant WIGS: A discreet mobile wig service that comes to you.

Your Privacy: Wig shops are not set up to give privacy for trying on wigs.

Save Time: We take the hassle out of you  traveling etc to a wig salon.

Personal Service: Regardless of the circumstances to which you need wig styling or a wig, selecting a wig is a very big deal and this relaxed, unrushed atmosphere is important.  We want you to feel as comfortable as you can and enjoy your wig journey.

Once we have found out what you are after in relation to length, style and colour we try to bring a large selection of wigs for you to try on. If you choose a wig in a colour that you like, you can buy and have it that day. If you decide on a wig that we don't have in your colour (most wigs come in around 25 colours), this usually takes around one week to get in. 


Exchanges Only ( 3 days )  In order to return these products to the manufacturer there will be a 30% restocking fee applied 





Elizabeth's Natural  Designs & Custom Solutions is an establishment that can really support your needs in education about hair alternatives.

Why is this important to you? For example, trying on a wig before you lose your hair will force you to stuff all your hair under the cap of the wig; but after you lose your hair the bulk of your hair is gone and the cap may feel looser and the establishment should know this and must be able to alter the cap should this happen down the road.

Elizabeth also offers you complete education on the care and maintenance of your wig as well as what type of support products (such as shampoos, conditioners, brushes) to use. This can effect the longevity of your hair replacement.